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Review from Publisher’s Weekly

To Break or Bounce: Finding Balance, Stability, and Resilience in Our Lives

Shelley Plumb. Greenleaf, $15.99 trade paper (200p) ISBN 978-1-62634-689-5

Podiatric physician and motivational speaker Plumb expertly explains in her ruminative debut how to navigate sadness and heartbreak with resilience, drawing hard-won lessons from her own life experiences. Plumb’s mother died in a car accident when she was a young child, and afterward she grew incredibly close to her grandmother. After her grandmother died when Plumb was in her mid-20s, Plumb recognized the importance of being able to bend—but not break— under stress, and learned the skills necessary to do so. Those skills include moving past barriers built of sorrow and shame; acknowledging and addressing pain rather than pretending it has no effect; dealing with stress in a productive manner; acknowledging betrayal, but not allowing it to define one’s self; and treating one’s self with compassion. “Balance, not perfection, is the light at the top of the well and is only achieved when the heart and mind are in alignment,” she counsels. Plumb holds nothing back in her frank and helpful musings, as when she expresses her regrets over not being present for her grandmother’s death. Empowering and empathetic, this work will be welcomed by those struggling to survive and thrive in tough circumstances. (Feb.)

Review from Reader’s Favorite

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan

To Break or Bounce: Finding Balance, Stability, and Resilience in Our Lives by Dr. Shelley Plumb takes readers on a journey along with the author and gives them glimpses of her life beginning with the loss of her mother when she was young. Her personal experiences and sufferings – ranging from divorce to sexual harassment to professional burnout and painful challenges – give insights into the darkest moments of her life and how they played an important role in shaping her into the person she ended up being. The book is a good tool to help readers understand the importance of embracing things as they are, letting go of the constant effort to be perfect, being flexible in adverse situations, and striving for balance.

To Break or Bounce spreads positive vibes and will motivate readers to bounce back. It gives them awareness about their freedom to choose their response, and not to break but bounce back from adversity and light up the world. The author is honest when it comes to speaking about her life and shares intimate details of her life, giving readers hope and encouragement to heal their lives. It is a good book to help readers reflect and deal with the adversities in their lives in a positive way, and also make them realize the importance of setting boundaries. Dr. Shelley Plumb’s strength, resilience, positivity, determination, courage, and hope make the book an engaging read to get motivated while dealing with the good and bad moments of life.

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