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Hello beautiful people!

I’m Dr. Shelley and I am a woman on a mission. I am the wife of an incredibly loving husband and the mother of three amazing children. Who would want more? As a podiatric physician, and executive producer at PlumbTalk Productions, I firmly believe that we all have gifts – you have yours and I have mine. I have made it my life’s passion to focus my gifts on uplifting and inspiring others.

I was born in Renton, Washington and have always had a life-long love for nature. I adore hiking, biking and camping with family and friends.

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Dr. Shelley’s Most Requested Topics


Bounce Back for Adversity
Check Fear at the Door
The Power of the Positive Mindset
Follow the Yellow Brick Road: A Journey of Self-Exploration
Living a Life Rich in Resilience and Vitality

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Here’s What They Are Saying…

My book is a labor of love

We can either break under the weight of life’s challenges -or we can bounce back and thrive!

Follow me as I relive real-life events from the past—from my mother’s shocking and sudden death when I was a child to divorce, sexual harassment, my grandmother’s death, and the delicate balance between being a professional woman and a wife and mother. My reflections also bring forth important realizations about the foundations we build our lives on. If they are not solid, we won’t be able to handle stresses when they come our way.

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