Alan Ebert

“Dr. Shelley Plumb’s To Break or Bounce is a valuable tutorial on how to live a better and richer life. But unlike most tutorials, Dr. Plumb’s is as emotional as it is intellectual. From her heart and mind, using both as a GPS, Dr. Plumb guides the reader on a journey to the spirit within. Step by personal step, even through her stumbles, Dr. Plumb shows the readers how to light and nourish the spark, the spirit, that is the core of each of us. Dr. Plumb never claims the journey is easy, but she does maintain throughout that unless we make that journey inward, we will constantly be at the mercy of and buffeted by, the vicissitudes of life. This book could easily have been titled, Going Inward, for in her doing so, Dr. Plumb has found the formula for how to bounce and not break from whatever life throws at us. Basically, Dr. Plumb is saying: Stop and smell the roses. For when you do, surprise, surprise, you discover you are your own rosebud just waiting to burst into bloom with your own special beauty.”

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