Hi, I’m Dr. Shelley…

I am a wife, mother, producer, and physician

About Me

Hello beautiful people!

I’m Dr. Shelley and I am a woman on a mission. I am the wife of an incredibly loving husband and the mother of three amazing children. Who would want more? As a podiatric physician, and executive producer at PlumbTalk Productions, I firmly believe that we all have gifts – you have yours and I have mine. I have made it my life’s passion to focus my gifts on uplifting and inspiring others.

I was born in Renton, Washington and have always had a life-long love for nature. I adore hiking, biking and camping with family and friends.

It makes me feel ALIVE…

Adversity came early for me, when at 7 years old, sadly I lost my mother in a fatal car accident. I survived the tragedy and have been determined to persevere ever since. Ladies and gentlemen, I am driven. I am driven to encourage and energize others.

I REFUSE to let personal trauma define me.

For those of you that don’t know me, I am no stranger to school. I received my undergraduate degree with honors from Pacific University and went on to earn my Doctorate Degree from Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. I served as Chief Podiatry Resident at the prestigious Crozer-Chester Medical Center of Pennsylvania where I completed my Podiatric surgical training.

Whew! Enough school already, right?

Late in my surgical career, I transitioned from Foot and Ankle surgeon to entrepreneur developing PlumbTalk Productions; a multimedia production company in West Palm Beach, Florida. I know…I know…many of you are thinking “Whoa…wait a second…Foot and Ankle Surgeon to Video Producer?

How does that happen?!

The answer is simple. Video production is in my blood – I go to bed thinking about it and wake up with my heart singing. Working in multi-media ignites my spirit. It is what I am passionate about and I have no doubt it is what I am put on this earth to do.

Are you pursuing your passion?

As the founder, CEO and Executive Producer at Plumb Talk Productions, I am honored to provide worldwide state-of-the- art video production services for businesses. Nothing fills my cup faster than assisting individuals in achieving their lifelong ambitions through increased exposure and the power of video marketing. Through creativity, compassion and attention to detail I am determined to “put the heart back in video production.”

It was not an easy transition from physician to entrepreneur, but with the support of my family, friends, children and loving husband I know I can’t go wrong. I am determined to continue serving the community as a producer, video coach, author and speaker. Forever thankful for the competent team I have at PlumbTalk Productions, I will continue to serve beside them as we join hands in uplifting and empowering others through our collective words and actions.

And now my friends…it is time…take my hand and join me. Let’s bounce to the heavens and enjoy the life we truly deserve!

In gratitude,


Let’s bounce back from adversity TOGETHER!

My mission is simple.

To ignite a spark and light up the world.

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My book is a labor of love

We can either break under the weight of life’s challenges -or we can bounce back and thrive!

Follow me as I relive real-life events from the past—from my mother’s shocking and sudden death when I was a child to divorce, sexual harassment, my grandmother’s death, and the delicate balance between being a professional woman and a wife and mother. My reflections also bring forth important realizations about the foundations we build our lives on. If they are not solid, we won’t be able to handle stresses when they come our way.

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